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“I was so incredibly lucky to be under Mary's care for both of my children. She is kind, calming, extremely knowledgeable, experienced and wise. I was very nervous during pregnancy and Mary always helped me get through it. She always answered all my MANY questions with kindness and patience. I have learned so much from her. She has taught me all that I know about natural remedies, breastfeeding, and so much more. You get the best most thoughtful care with Mary as your midwife. Anyone who I've encountered who has had Mary as their midwife feels exactly the same way. We look at each other and smile knowing we had the best midwife around. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you, Mary, for all that you do for our families.”

Lisa Cricien

“Every time I hear a crazy birth story filled with chaos, fear and unnecessary interventions, I take a deep breath of gratitude for Mary. Throughout my pregnancies, she listened to each of my concerns and expertly answered every question. I challenge anyone to find a healthcare professional with more patience than Mary. My family was fortunate enough to enjoy three beautiful water births with A Loving Start. With each birth, I labored peacefully and was able to fully harness my own strength in the calm and comfort of my home, thanks to Mary. I believed in myself as a result of her unfailing confidence in my body. At her core is the innate knowledge in a woman’s ability to birth naturally. She is a true blessing to anyone lucky enough to be in her care. I love you, Mary!!!” 

Elizabeth Heise

“Mary is the definition of a true midwife, she is kind and gentle, she listens and most importantly she knows what she is doing! From the very beginning of my pregnancy journey Mary not only answered any and all of my questions but she listens and respects your needs, wishes and the vision for your birth. Mary took care of me and my baby girl my entire pregnancy and when it came time for my precious baby’s birth day she not only took care of us but protected and saved us through an unexpected situation. Mary is beyond qualified on every level and there is no one else I’d rather birth with.”

Elissa Hilt

“Mary Harris is a very special person and I am so thankful for the experience, support, love, advice, and freedom she gave me prepartum, birthing and postpartum. The ease of communication and appointments with her are SO easy and much unlike that of seeing and using a doctor- no waiting and dealing with lower-level, middle people. I could text her random questions and concerns via text and she would get right back to me. Mary has a very calm demeanor, is non-judgmental and provides an open space for sharing. It was highly important to me that I had a vaginal delivery without drugs. Birthing was much more challenging than I anticipated and if it were not for Mary, I think I would have been given an episiotomy, some sort of suction/vacuum, or c-section in the hospital. She stuck with me, helped me and did continual monitoring of my baby. I always knew we were in good hands and in the end, I got just what I wanted- a natural delivery and a healthy baby. Postpartum, she provided me with several needed referrals as she has a huge network of specialized professionals. Throughout the process, my husband also felt extremely comfortable with her. Mary Harris gets our highest recommendation. The next time I get a positive pee stick, she will be the first person I call!” 

Kris Kramer

“I knew before conception that I did not want to birth in a hospital setting. Homebirth was my goal. Thirteen years ago, the universe led me to A Loving Start and literally into the hands of Mary Harris! I know now that we were brought together for a purpose. As a first time mom, she answered all of my silly questions and as a seasoned mom, she listened to my crazy stories. She is a kind, patient, warm, gentle, loving midwife who quickly became part of our family. She was there with us every step of the way with support and encouragement and an amazing spirit that radiates calmness and balance. We were blessed to have her in our home, by our side, present at the birth of all five of our babies. She has always shown such love and compassion to our family, I am so grateful that she has been with us on such an awesome journey!” 

Lynne Whitson-Rosemellia

“When I was pregnant with my first baby, I thought I wanted a hospital birth. But through research we decided that a home birth was the best choice for our family. Mary Harris came highly recommended Tony's from friend that did two home births with her. When we met her we instantly felt calm and confident. We were drawn to her relaxed and loving energy! She guided us through the pregnancy. And our post pregnancy care was second to none!

She is attentive. She is loving. She is available and answers our calls and texts. She is knowledgeable. She is family. Mary gives of herself selflessly and willingly. Our birth experience was amazing! And it is greatly due to Mary's guidance

When we were expecting our second child, I was excited to call her with the good news! Another amazing experience! Mary Harris is 5 out of 5 Stars, 10 out of 10 Stars...100/100!” 

Jillian Alvas

“Mary Harris took care of me during my last two pregnancies. She is a wonderful person. She’s very caring. And best of all she loves what she does. She goes above and beyond when it comes to your care. I would definitely recommend her.”

Kiria Martinez

“We have come to know Mary very well after first hiring her 7.5 years ago and have since had three beautiful home births, along with wonderful prenatal/postnatal care each time under her. Mary has a wonderful energy about her. You will feel at peace with her. Midwifery is her passion and calling in life!” 

Kristen Shockley

“I had such an amazing experience with my first home waterbirth with Mary Harris, I decided to do it again with my second child!! I highly recommend Mary Harris' Midwifery Services to anyone who is considering having a natural birth. Mary Harris is very knowledgeable, patient and caring. She has even attended my Daughter's birthday parties and invited my family to one of her gatherings. I don't think you can get that one-on-one personal experience with other Medical Professions in Hospital settings. Mary Harris is an awesome Midwife and I feel very blessed to have used her services when delivering my two little ones.” 

Akilah Pearson

“Mary is patient, loving, and calm throughout the whole process. 3 of my girls were late and my last one had her cord wrapped around her neck twice but Mary was always calm and she used all the tricks she had up her sleeve to get my body to start the labor process. I fully trust her with my births and she has made giving home births a wonderful experience for me and my family.” 

Abigail Johnson

"I had Mary as my midwife for 3 of my pregnancies. She is amazing and so supportive and I am so glad I was able to have such positive birthing experiences with her."

Astride Pierre-Antoine

Nadya Andreeva