*All Prenatal Care
*Birth Care
*Newborn Care
*Birth Certificate Filing
*6 Weeks of Postpartum Care for client and newborn
*Postpartum Peristeam Hydrotherapy (1 steam)


Includes everything in the
BASIC package

*Prenatal Birth Circle
*Prenatal Visit with Nutritional Health Coach


Includes everything in the
PREMIUM package
*Childbirth Classes
*One Acupuncture Consultation Appointment
*Postpartum Birth Circle
*Basic Placenta Encapsulation
*Postpartum Visit with Nutritional Health Coach

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Labwork, ultrasounds, genetic testing, birth kit, insurance authorization fee, physician consultation, rhogam (if rh negative), antibiotics (if gbs positive), and birth center rental fee are not included. 

A LA CARTE services are also available:

Prenatal Visit with Nutritional Health Coach            $125 online video chat $250 in person
Postpartum Visit with Nutritional Health Coach         $125 online video chat $250 in person
Prenatal Birth Circle                                  $10 per circle  
Postpartum Birth Circle                               $10 per circle             
Placenta Encapsulation with Tincture                   $235
Postpartum Peristeam Hydrotherapy                    $250 (28 day protocol, herbs and equipment included)
Childbirth Classes                                     $200 (4 classes)
Acupuncture Consultation Appointment                  $125 office $200 house call