*All Prenatal Care
*Birth Care
*Newborn Care
*Birth Certificate Filing
*6 Weeks of Postpartum Care for client and newborn
*Prenatal Visit with Nutritional Health Coach 


Includes everything in the
BASIC package

*Prenatal Birth Circle
*Basic Placenta Encapsulation
*Postpartum Visit with Nutritional Health Coach
*Postpartum Peristeam Hydrotherapy 


Includes everything in the
PREMIUM package
*Childbirth Classes
*One Acupuncture Consultation Appointment
*Postpartum Birth Circle

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Labwork, ultrasounds, genetic testing, birth kit, insurance authorization fee, physician consultation, rhogam (if rh negative), antibiotics (if gbs positive), and birth center rental fee are not included. 

ALA CARTE services are also available:

Prenatal Visit with Nutritional Health Coach            $125 online video chat $250 in person
Postpartum Visit with Nutritional Health Coach         $125 online video chat $250 in person
Prenatal Birth Circle                                  $10 per circle  
Postpartum Birth Circle                               $10 per circle             
Placenta Encapsulation with Tincture                   $235
Postpartum Peristeam Hydrotherapy                    $250 (28 day protocol, herbs and equipment included)
Childbirth Classes   
Acupuncture Consultation Appointment                  $125 office $200 house call