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Meet Mary Harris

I have been a licensed midwife since May 2000 when
I graduated from the International School of Midwifery. Prior to midwifery, I received a bachelor’s degree and worked as a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist in traumatic brain injury.

I am married with three adult children; Lila, Ariana, and Eli. My daughters were born vaginally in the hospital and Eli was born at home. Lila taught me to compromise and surrender into motherhood with her 21 hour labor and Ariana taught me to always expect surprise when she was born 22 minutes after I got to the hospital following a 3 hour 20 minute labor. Eli was born at home after a 2 hour and 50 minute labor. His birth is actually the reason I became a midwife. It was so wonderful to hold him and never have him taken from me. 


I strive to live a conscious, healthy lifestyle, practicing veganism since 1986 and embracing natural modalities such as homeopathics, essential oils, and herbs for just as many years. I believe my ongoing desire for knowledge and growth keeps me young, connected, and aware of the constantly changing world around me and the uniqueness of every pregnancy.