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Postpartum Peristeam Hydrotherapy

 Steaming For Maximum Healing After Birthing

“My body will never be the same!” “Why am I still spotting?”    “It still hurts down there!” “What if I’m too tender to have sex?”  “My tissue feels so dry!” “Why am I still swollen?”

Unfortunately, these statements are all too common. We are lead to believe that nothing will ever be the same. We are told that pain and tenderness are all part of the process.
And we are actually encouraged to accept our new normal and move on.
But there is a solution - Postpartum Peristeam Hydrotherapy. It is the therapeutic use of steaming to heal, renew, and refresh the postpartum body. It is an ancient therapy that can be traced to cultures around the world. These cultures recognized the unique needs of the postpartum body and honored and addressed them through the steaming.

The benefits can include:

 *Tightening the perineal skin
 *Lifting the uterus and organs to prepregnancy location      
 *Preventing bladder prolapse and urinary incontinence 
 *Stimulating the release of oxytocin
 *Enabling the uterus to fully cleanse
 *Encouraging the normal amenorrheal state until 9-12 months 

Postpartum Peristeam Hydrotherapy is included in the Premium and Deluxe Packages or can be chosen ala carte.

“After a few steams, I began to feel like myself again. So many people told me I would never be the same so I was shocked to see me becoming me. After only a few weeks I felt renewed and was amazed at how well my body had recovered.”
TS, 32 years old