The Midwife

Mary Harris, LM

Mary Harris, LM


Mary Harris graduated from the International School of Midwifery and has been a licensed midwife since 2000. Mary also has a bachelor’s degree in therapeutic recreation and has been involved in healthcare for over 20 years.

In addition to helping women make informed decisions about their health and birth choices, Mary has taught prenatal exercise classes and spent many years counseling women with breastfeeding difficulties as a La Leche League leader.

Mary is married with three children; Lila, 20, Ariana, 18, and Eli, 16. Her daughters were born vaginally in the hospital without medicine and her son was born at home. On her own birth experiences, Mary says:

“Lila taught me to compromise and surrender into motherhood with her 21-hour labor and Ariana was born 22 minutes after I got to the hospital after a 3 hour and 20 minute labor. Eli was born at home after a 2 hour and 50 minute labor. His birth is actually the reason I became a midwife. It was so wonderful to hold him immediately and never have him taken from me.”

Mary has been vegan since 1986.  She enjoys cooking healthy foods, green living, exercise, nurturing her children and enabling them to become loving, productive adults. Her other interests include breastfeeding, crafts, and music. “I love all kinds and am constantly looking for interesting new groups,” she says of her music tastes.

Mary also has interest in alternative modalities, especially homeopathics. “I guess it helps me connect with my clients because the constant growing I do keeps me young and the knowledge I have helps them find avenues to have a healthy pregnancy.”

Mary regularly attends births in Miami, FL. When asked to recall a total number of births she’s attended, her answer mirrors A Loving Start’s philosophy, “ I don’t think that babies should be a number. Counting the number detracts from the uniqueness of each baby. Each baby should be honored in its special moment.”

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