What is a Midwife?

A midwife is a trained professional with special expertise in supporting women to maintain a healthy pregnancy and birth. Midwives offer expert individualized care, education, counseling and support to a woman and her newborn throughout the childbearing cycle.

A midwife works with each woman and her family to identify their unique physical, social and emotional needs. When the care required is outside the midwife’s scope of practice or expertise, the woman is referred to other health care providers for additional consultation or care.


Is having a home birth safe?

For normal healthy mothers and babies, having a baby at home is the one of the safest places to give birth. Home birth takes place in a familiar setting and the mother and family make the decisions about what positions she will labor in, what interventions she will accept, what she will eat, and what she will wear and who will be present.


What will I need for my home birth?

Your main responsibility is to have a clean place to birth and a support system in place. The midwife will provide a list of any additional supplies which you will need to obtain for your birth.


How will I deal with labor pain?

A woman’s body is designed to give birth. With the release of endorphins and other hormones that help us open to the process of birth, labor can be endured without the administration of pain medication. Your midwife and support system will be there to encourage you through this natural process.


What happens if complications occur?

If a midwife has any concern about a woman’s safety at any time during the birth, she will be transferred the nearest hospital.


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